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Ya Basta (Enough)

Now I’ve never really felt like minority.

But how come when I walk around I feel less than the priority?

You don’t see, you can’t see me.

You don’t choose me.

And we are not the leads, we’re just the sidekicks.

We are less than 5% of your favorite night flick.

Am I too violent? Shit am I too violent?

Because you have never seen me as partner.

Now we are fast and furious,

Over sexualized, and bastardize, a running gag.

Your cleaning lady, the drug dealer, the outlaw.

The immigrant, the nanny, the thug life.

And I get it, you are afraid,

Or just content.

But just cuz' you don't see us, doesn’t mean we don't exist.

And my brothers I am here for you.

We create our own,

We build our own,

And start our own.

Until they realize,

They’ll see it.

We’ll make our Moonlights, our Kicks, and win the press.

We’ll make our own films, our own stories, and fight who's next.

No fists, just words, no insults, like pros.

Now think about it, next time think about it.

While you’re sitting, eating your over priced popcorn, with you over sized drink.

Think about it, truly take time to think about it.

Do your privileged stories echo like ours?

#poem #spokenword #film

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